Ladies' Night Out 2019
What an awesome time tonight at our ladies night event! Great crowd and thanks to all the hard work put in by our ladies for putting this event together!

Beautfiul Evening! Thanks New Life! - E. M.

Thank you Susan Alexander Williams‬ and ‪Teresa Henderson Penland‬ for all the work y'all did. - L.W.

Yes, thank you ladies. You guys always do a great job!! - P.P.

Yes thanks for all you'll do ! It was a beautiful night out and giving thanks to our LORD for the good fellowship with other Christian lady friends !!! I thoroughly enjoyed it !!! Every thing was just beautiful !!! - W.L.

Wonderful night together. I had a lot of fun with the guys serving. The food was great! Thanks for putting it together Teresa and Susan. Great job! -

It was a great night, the speaker, the music, the food, our servers and the fellowship!! Thank you ‪Susan‬ and ‪Teresa‬ for putting this special night together!! - K. S.

Awesome night !!! Everything was great !! - V.M.

Wonderful evening! With lovely friends! Charlotte and I enjoyed the beautiful setting and precious people! - C.D.